Year 7 Catch up


The Year 7 catchup is given as a grant to the School to support pupils who have made below expected progress in Year 7 in core subjects of Maths and English. The grant is intended to support those pupils making better progress.

More information from the DfE can be found by clicking here.


In 2016-17 we spent our grant of £9,000 on the purchase of mini-laptops to support literacy and numeracy skills across the curriculum, as well as fostering independence and curiosity. The impact of the grant has been that year 7 pupils from the 2016-17 cohort have made similar progress  to their year counterparts. As an additional impact pupils are now choosing to use the laptops to research briefs across the curriculum. This decision was made because our year 7 cohort whilst relatively able for our school, their hand writing skills were restricting their ability to record. The use of the mini laptops overcame this barrier to their learning.


In 2017-18 our intended spend of £6,500 will be spent on staffing; we have secured the services of specialist staff to provide small group nurture support in speaking and listening, and maths (especially the area of number development).