Pupil Premium


The pupil premium is an annual grant given to Schools to help disadvantaged pupils (this group of pupils nationally under-perform compared to their peers); we use our pupil premium to try and reduce barriers to their learning - for some pupils we give additional 1:1 support for literacy and numeracy for other pupils we may purchase equipment, we may use it to provide staff training so they are more able to support young people in the classroom. 


For us it's important we look at the whole pupil and see what's important for them to progress, and work out what barriers are in the way of them progressing, often there is more than one advantage when we support pupils in this way. For example by supporting our older pupils in Post-16 to access leisure facilities outside of School with aim of them becoming more independent and more ready to access the wider world it has an additional impact of physical exercise in a way that is meaningful to them. Equally academic support in reading not only boosts 'simple' academic results but allows that pupil greater functionality in other subjects.


You can see the full range of support, description of the premium and importantly the outcomes for our pupils as a result of the grants below.  

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