Primary Sports Grant


The Primary PE and Sports Premium is a grant given by Government to improve access to Sport and Physical Education for primary aged pupils; we use the grant in a number of different ways including expanding opportunities to a wider range of sporting activities, joint parent and pupil PE sessions, coaching and equipment.

It's important to acknowledge that for some of our pupils this grant also supports their access to physical movement the precursor to accessing sport and life long physical activities. This includes additional swimming time, Riding for the Disabled, equipment to encourage and teach physical movement outside of lessons and visiting experts to work alongside staff and pupils so both can learn. We have also run a number of days where we invite parents along so they can learn about physical and sports opportunities alongside their children.


Sustainability - Looking to the future we believe the funds that are provided for us will enable staff to gain skills and confidence which will enable them to deliver the sports they couldn't before, grounds improvements are not just for 1 year but the next twenty which will mean we will be able to continue to support pupils this way. Finally by including parents in sporting events we believe that families will be able to contribute to the sustainability of sports involvement because they will have the knowledge of suitable sporting activities.


Details of plans for this year and the impact of the last 2 years can be downloaded by clicking on this link


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